Dear Internet contact (that get upset when I said ‘Internet is emotional’),

I understand that you’re from another universe although you probably live in a same country as this guy. And you’re right. But, see, there are so many worlds withing our common existence, that we’re likely to bump into each other if we are still searching. Although I prefer your way of thinking, and I’m trying to feel what you must be feeling while writing me your perspective of things, I would give this guy a credit. Because he’s making a same point as you. You and him are the same persons from a different universe. That’s why you’re being cynical and say: “truth” :) There is no truth, and there never was, but, maybe, we can see that now. Can you? I don’t have a problem with him, and when I post something that I read on the Internet, I do not necceserely say: I like this. But, when I get reactions from people, either good or bad, I get the proof that somebody is  listening and that makes me happy. And every reaction is an emotion. Emotion of reaction. The fuel that makes you wanna speak your mind. That’s why I say that the Internet is full of emotions. Because – not just thinking, emotions connect us too. And I would be surprised that I have emotionless connections on the Internet. :) I’ll send you a picture, that made me think like this. I am an Internet Jockey, and I just surf, I do not make decisions to stay floating in one place. :) That’s why I can post this, and say Internet is emotional. :)

Subliminal Plastic Mashmerising Energy Weapons on the Moon [Lounge Edit]

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