IVONNE THEIN – Androgynous


Androgynous – desire for completeness

There is a difference between male and female, but sometimes real nature confronts us with strange spirits. There are thousands of people in the world, who are not just a men or woman, they are both. These people, called intersexual, own sexual characteristics from male and female. Mostly their parents already decided wich gender they should have for their whole live, when they were babies. Many intersexuals feel wrong in their bodies today and get scornful looks, if they behave they feel like and not they look like. In Platons “Book from Love” he describes a third gender wich consolidate male and female attributes.
In this work I focused on to confound the boundaries between male and female gender. I’ve photographed men and woman and deleted typical sexual attributes from their faces and bodies. That makes it really hard to say which gender they really are.

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