STELARC at ITS-Z1 in Ritopek, Belgrade

July 2, 2011


This is a time of body hacking, gene mapping, neural jacking and prosthetic augmentation. Bodies become problematic in how they interact in the world. Flesh is circulating. Organs are exchanged. Limbs amputated from cadavers are stitched and reanimated on living bodies. Skin cells can be re-coded into sperm cells. Cadavers can be preserved forever with plastination whilst simultaneously comatose bodies can be sustained indefinitely on life-support systems. Dead bodies need not decompose and near dead bodies need not die. And chimeras are constructed in-vitro meshing human, animal and plant genes. As well as a time of Circulating Flesh, it’s also a time of Fractal Flesh and Phantom flesh.

The artist will discuss the conceptual and ethical issues involved in augmenting, enhancing and altering the human body through the use of technology, bioengineering. He will also demonstrate his Prosthetic Head project and show the Ear On Arm.

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