Erin contacted me trough to stay at our place for 2 days.

Erin in Jail

So I pull up on my bike after doing 30 miles that day I had about 20 more to do no problem its straight it’s faltts it a beutiful day, I have been picking cherries off the trees all day long. I just chugged a cherry coke I bought for an impressive 169 forints (less than a buck), I was listening to trace adkins, and There was no cars on the road, So I guess I would say it was a good day.
So I biked up to the border patrol of Hungary so I can leave the country, Smiled, the guy didn’t smile back. He was short, brown, crappy uniform , he looked like he was from a 2/3 world country, well because he is. I handed him my passport, he looked at it, gave it to his co-worker, then he looked at it they examined it, and opened the gate for me to go through and handed me back my passport. And I was so stupid, this is probably the biggest mistake I have ever done in my life, I said “you didn’t stamp it” and I gave it back. So now they looked at it some more and this time they didn’t give it back.
After about half an hour we, moved inside, they ask to look in my stuff, so I let them. I wasn’t scared but worried. Then I waited another hour before, And inturpeted came and told ,me I have two options 1, leave right then without my passport or, stay in jail in Hungary for up to two months waiting to be let go with my passport, needless to say I took the first option. So I went a few hundred miles out of my way to budapest payed 150usd for a new passport and wasted 10 days of my life. Short version. I am in Hungary still heading towards romania and I officially hate hungray, there is barely any wifi, People barely speak english, Some of them are racist, The roads are terrible nobody ever smiles here, it is a boring place basically. I am happy to be leaving soon. I wish I had company but thats life. I met some cool people and we visited some museums and seen a typical hungarian dance and eat the hungarian food. I want to go to india already and china, and America!! Any where but here. I went to a 3 day convention but I only went for 2 days. I am biking fine the days past fast when I am biking so I am not so bored then, but it’s when I stop thats when the boredom kicks in. Ok I will stop writing for now, I will write soon!!


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