We can now take a stem cell from an impotent male, and turn it into a sperm cell. But more interestingly, a skin cell from a female body can now be engineered into a sperm cell. So, males are out of the reproductive loop in the near future”

Let us beware of saying that death is the opposite of life. The living being is only a species of the dead, and a very rare species. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

“Dead bodies need not decompose, ne’er dead bodies need not die.”

Technology is becoming more bio-compatible both in substance and in scale.

This more intimate connection between bodies and machines, where bodies may become the host for it’s machines. All technology in the future might be invisible because it’s inside the body. We might look the same in a couple of thousand years …but all technology will be within us. There are multiple cyborg constructs. The kind of Manga-construct of massively augmented bodies is one, medical-military model of removing organs or attaching prosthetic to the body is another kind of cyborg construct. And now we have the construct where the body remains biologically the same but becomes the host for it’s machines.

On third prosthetic arm:

“I only learned to write words “evolution” and “decadence” because they were 9 letter words” 

“A prosthesis not as a sign of lack but as a symptome of excess.”

On zombies / cyborgs:


“Our human behaviour or the complexity of our human behaviour is largerly determend by our social systems, how our culture conditions us, and the particular time in our technological history that we inhabit. So for me, a zombie is a body that performs without a mind of it’s own, a cyborg in popular literature is a body that becomes increcengly a mixture of machines and body parts, and becomes increciingly automated. We always feared the zombie, the involuntary, we’ve always become a bit anxious about becoming automated. But in fact we fear what we always been, and what we’ve already become. We’ve always been zombie bodies without ming of our own, and we’ve already become cyborg bodies.”

And what becomes important now is not merely the body’s identity, but its connectivity- not its mobility or location, but its interface and operations. Our aliveness now is amplified by our interfaces. Our death occurs when we are disconnected.


Notions of intelligence, awareness, identity, agency and embodiment become problematic. Just as a physical body has been exposed as inadequate, empty and involuntery, so simultaniously an embodied conversational agent becomes seductive with it’s uncanny simulation of real time recognition and response. The realm of the post-human may not be in the realm of bodies and machines, but rather in the realm of automomous and inteligent images. Viral entities sustained in the electronic media and the web. Bodies and machines are ponderous, their metabolisms and mechanisms perform in gravity with weight and friction. Electronic images are ethereal and performs smoothly at the speed of light. Images are immortal. Avatars have no organs.




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