Marina Abramovic Presents MACCO Cetinje by Milica Zec

Short film featuring performance-artist Marina Abramovic.Screened at Venice Biennale, Italy June – November 2011Directed, Produced, Written, Edited by Milica Zec ( )Directors of Photography: Michael Fuchs, Vladimir Vucinic, Matthew AkersMusic and Sound Design: Aleksandar ProticTitles and Motion Design: CRUX Studio (Uros Perisic / Tian Hughes)Still Photographer: Lazar PejovicSound Mixer: Charles CannCurators: Svetlana Racanovic, Petar CukovicVery Special Thanks: Jeff DupreSpecial Thanks: Ron Yoshida, Kristian Gonzales, Brian Murphy, Sonja Bozic, Louis Zwiebel, Winslow Porter, Danica Newell, Sidney Russel, E. Donna Shepherd, Petar Zec, Jelena Zec and James WestcottProduced by MACCO Cetinje

via ifttt

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