CONSENSUS (Direct Democracy @ Occupy Wall Street) by meerkatmedia

YouTube: look into the “HOW” of the Occupy Wall Street movement: the consensus process.The community of occupiers at Liberty Plaza have sparked the process of building a movement that now transcends any one physical landmark. The tools to keep the movement alive belong to all of us. Created by the Meerkat Media Collective. For the last 6 years we’ve been using consensus decision in our filmmaking process. See more at: http://www.meerkatmedia.orgMORE ABOUT THE MOVEMENT: http://www.OccupyVideos.org ABOUT CONSENSUS PROCESS:There is an introduction to direct democracy every evening at 5:30 at Liberty Plaza. And here is a useful article about the process:–occupywallstreet:-a-primer…START YOUR OWN GENERAL ASSEMBLY:AGENDA TEMPLATE: ASSEMBLY GUIDE:

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