making of Orto Bikes by Multipraktik

A spring bike-rework project, 20 artists, 20 bikes in 10 days.Artists:1107, Andra?? Tarman, Ajda Fortuna, David Kladnik, Fejzo, Gregor Lo??, (Grupa), Jaka Neon, Jernej Stibilj, Jurij Lozi??, Mina Fina, Nina Vrhovec, Nu??a Jelenec, Pos, Rex, Stella (5237/ IE), The Miha Artnak, Tilen Sepi??, Vladimir &,,,,,,,,, Production:Simobil, Multipraktik, Sonce.netVideo production:MultipraktikMusic by The Qualitons http://thequalitons.commore:

About Cyber Wanderlust

Life just found. Reality files in progress. ♫♪♥ Progress depends on the unreasonable woman who persists in trying to adapt the world to herself. [Take that, George Bernard Shaw]

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