Dos Ciclos Short Film by SakeGroup

Directed byRodrigo de la Mora / Dar??o L??pez Ortega aka “The Panchits”. Short Film was initially thought for the Bicycle Film Festival, which travels more than 20 countries around the world. www.bicyclefilmfestival.comShot with a Canon 7D and 550D.This was the teaser: premiere was in New York. Here???s the story it???s been in over 5 International Film Festivals.It was a blast.Special thanks to the amazing rider Oscar Espinosa who, somehow, got along with us and the infinite shots we wanted to made.Another amazing applause to our favorite and unique To??o Robles(@ for that sublime ear-enjoyed audio design! Thanks specially to Xavi Jose which made this impossible shots, well, possible.Music by Nortec Panoptica Orchestra!Thanks for watching!-The Panchits-

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