Director: Ryan Patrick ( Jason ChiuProduction Design: Katie Isaacson & Ryan PatrickGaffer: Travis LaBellaEditor: Chris AmosColorist: Tyler RothStarring:Maisie MerlockJessica SteinbergAva Raddatz, Adrianna Magnone, Jaleh DicksData Moshing: Jon JulsrudAnimations: Emily RifkinDrawings: Amanda BlakeCasting Assistant: Meredith CluessGrips: Ryan GS, Bentley FerrainaSpecial Thanks:Jac Reyno, Collin Davis, Chris Wickman, Andrew Wickman, Adam Tanguay, Charles Perry, Joshua Thalheimer, Kaitlyn Merlock, Karen Gallagher, IFL, Optimus Chicago, Final Cut LA, Hot Glue Guns

About Cyber Wanderlust

Life just found. Reality files in progress. ♫♪♥ Progress depends on the unreasonable woman who persists in trying to adapt the world to herself. [Take that, George Bernard Shaw]

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