Papergirl #3 by Papergirl

Ganz im Stile amerikanischer Zeitungsjungs (Paperboys) werden Kunstrollen vom Fahrrad aus verteilt.Das Projekt hat seit 2006 bereits dreimal in Berlin stattgefunden und ist dabei von Jahr zu Jahr stetig angewachsen. So haben 2008 zum Beispiel 77 K??nstler aus 9 verschiedenen L??ndern teilgenommen.Die Grundidee ist, Kunst auf andere Weise als ??blich in die ??ffentlichkeit zu bringen, Leute zu ??berraschen und in ihrem Alltag mit Kunst in Kontakt zu bringen. In wenigen Worten ist Papergirl: partizipativ, analog, unkommerziell und impulsiv.—The project has been carried out once a year since 2006 and grows every constantly. In July 2008, for example, 76 artists from 9 different countries took part in it.The basic idea with the project is to bring art to the public in a different way from normal; to surprise people and bring them into contact with art in their everyday life.The initial impulse for this project came with the tightening of a law, in 2005, equating sticking up posters in public places with graffiti-spraying. But the idea of distributing art by bike came more from the search for new ways to bring art straight to society, and have more fun doing so, than out of fear of possible punishment. Papergirl is, in short: participatory, analogue, non-commercial and impulsive.for further details :

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